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How it works: The solar power panel charges the machine during the day and automatically turns on at night. It only targets harmful nighttime insects while leaves the beneficial daytime insects alone, such as pollinators and predator insects. It is environmentally friendly while reducing the need to use harsh chemicals or other pesticides. 


For the GFS-8 Model, the average coverage is around 2-3 acres, the average life span of the machine is 5 years, thus the average cost of your pest management is less than 55 dollar per acre per year. 

Solar Powered Outdoor Insect Killer | Model: GFS-8

  •    ● 2-3 Acres of Coverage

       ● 30W Solar Power Panel 12V Battery: 1 day of daytime charging lasts 2 nights

       ● Light Control Sensor: Ensures the machine only runs at night

       ● Precipitation Sensor: Ensures the machine turns off when it's raining or heavy precipitation

       ● Automatic Cleaning Brush: Rotating brush cleans the machine twice a night, preventing the build-up of dead insects

       ● Stainless Steel Frame Durable Plastic:  Constructed with high-impact outdoor grade materials 

    ​   ● Solar Powered Killing Grid: 2.37 sq. ft. of electric grid

       ● The height of the unit is adjustable from 6ft to 9ft.







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