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1. How many acres does the machine cover?

Our Solar Powered Insect Killer covers around 2-3 acres. 

It is perfect for residential homes, ranches, and agricultural

pest management. Variables that determine the coverage are: building or other man-made structures, level of land, height of the crops, and placement of other machines on the farm or plantation. 


2. What it Does?

The machine kills insects by attracting them with UV light waves and color. It reduces the need for pesticides, harsh chemicals and other traditional methods to kill insects.


3. What it Kills?

The machine targets night-time harmful insects. These insects include mosquitoes, moths, beetles, grasshoppers, stink bugs, leafhoppers, fungus gnats, and many other insects that display a positive reaction to phototaxis will be drawn to the machine. 

4. What it Does Not Kill?

The machine does not target beneficial insects including pollinators and predatory insects. Pollinators include bees, butterflies, and predatory insects include dragon flies, lady bugs, praying mantises, wasps, etc.


The reasons it does not target these beneficial insects are 1.) these insects are not attracted to light and 2.) these insects are generally not active at night. 


5. What it Protects?

The machine protects residential houses, ranches, parks and recreation, as well as forestry and plantation agriculture.

6. How it Works?

The GFS-8 Outdoor Insect Killer is solar powered so it can be placed in the middle of field or plantation. The solar power panel charges the battery during the day and the battery charges the machine at night. One day of charging lasts two nights. The insects are drawn to the specialized UV light waves and color, which will be killed once they make contact with the electric wires. The machine has 2.37 sq.  of electric grid. If the insects are heavy, like beetles and moths, they will fall into the collection container. If they are light and small, they can stay attached to the electric grid. Each night the electrical wires will rotate periodically to clean the dead insects off the wires, knocking most insects on the grid into the collection container. The cleaner the machine is, the more light waves it omits.


The 9-ft frame height allows the machine to be high enough to omit light waves over most crops. It is also tall enough not to interfere with livestock or daily work that needs to be done on the land. The machine can also be lowered to 6-ft for lower crops like berries, vegetables, and tomato, etc. 


The machine has 3 main sensors to match the insects active hours. The light sensor make sure the machine runs only at night. The precipitation sensor makes sure the machine runs only during periods of no heavy precipitation. The temperature sensor makes sure the machine runs at temperatures above 40°F. 

7. Is the machine portable?

If you want to put the machine on a permanent location, you can dig a hole and create a cement foundation. If you want to make the unit portable, you can bolt it to a pallet, a wheel rim, or other heavy object. 


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