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Benefits of Our Outdoor Insect Killer 

1. Cost Benefits

For the GFS-8 Model, average coverage is around 2-3 acres, the average life span of the machine is 5 years, thus the average cost of your pest management is less than 55 dollar per acre per year. 


With pesticides, you have to pay additional labor, equipment, training cost as well as spray multiple times a year for each type of insects. On the other hand, our solar powered insect killer does not incur any additional cost. It is a sustainable, reusable, preemptive machine on the market for pest control management. 

2. Environment Benefits

  • Eliminates soil, water and air exposure to pesticides and harsh chemicals

  • Balances the ecosystem by only targeting the harmful insects and not the beneficial insects (bees,predatory and pollinators) 

3. Customer/Market Trends

The market for organic and natural foods grew nearly 10 percent in 2015 to $43 billion in the United States alone, according to the Organic Trade Association, more than doubling its sales in the last decade.

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